Swag with a Conscience

Stationary never goes out of style.

Add a lasting reminder of your brand to the office desk while supporting a cause, idea or a message, with beautiful and consciously made stationary. 

Useful, Memorable, Luxurious, Entertaining, PLUS, there's so much room for creativity. Let's have some fun!

Head To Toe

Enable some brand evangelism with the timeless gift of branded apparel!

We work with only the highest quality and responsible manufacturers.

We source products with functionality, design and luxury in mind.

Carry Conscious

Give a bag with high design to encourage lasting utility for maximum brand impressions while avoiding landfill.

We look for quality, durability, design and can help you be creative with a design that communicates your cause or brand. 

Drink Fair

Water, Coffee, Tea... The vitals to energize a productive day.

Whatever the beverage preference, keep it warm, keep it cold, keep it inspirational, keep it classy...

Give a nourishing reminder that you gifted them a vessel that keeps on giving.